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1204 Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard

Savannah, GA 31415-6355


Join today and become one of the hundreds of thousands of NAACP Freedom Fighters across the globe! The work of the Association - equality and justice for all - depends on the support and participation of caring and progressive individuals like you. A stronger NAACP with a larger, more active membership is the best hope for protecting our freedom and advancing our rights.  Freedom is not free so join the Savannah NAACP  and join the fight for freedom for all people.

  1. 1.The fight for freedom is not free! Your membership will help fund initiatives and programs to support our mission of racial equality and equal justice.

  2. 2.A membership in the Savannah NAACP is your opportunity to give back to the organization that has done more to change this country for the betterment of people of color, women, and the disenfranchised than any other in the nation's history.

  3. 3.Your membership in the Savannah NAACP makes you a part of a force of 300,000 + people who stand for the freedoms guaranteed in our nation's constitution.

  4. 4.Your membership in the Savannah NAACP makes a direct and positive impact in your community when you join your local Unit.

  5. 5.Your membership in the Savannah NAACP will give you access to our benefits program that provides discounts on products and services across the country.

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If you are interested in joining the Savannah NAACP, please do not hesitate to purchase a membership by printing and mailing the membership form below with your attached payment. Please make checks payable to Savannah NAACP



  1. 1Adult Memberships

    1. 1Regular Adult $30 annually – includes a 1 year subscription to The CRISIS Magazine

    2. 2Silver Life Membership  $750  -  $75 or more for 10 years

  2. 2Youth Memberships

    1. 1Youth w/o The CRISIS Magazine $10 annually – Available to ages 20 and under

    2. 2Youth w/The CRISIS Magazine $15 annually – Available to ages 20

    3. 3Junior Life $100 – $25 or more annually 4 years.  Available to ages 14 to 20.

    4. 4Bronze Life $400 - $50 or more annually for 8 years – Available to ages 14 to 20


Print The Membership Form and mail to:

            Savannah Branch NAACP

            1204 Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard

            Savannah, GA 31415-6355

Click This Form Icon to see the membership form. Print the page, fill out and mail to the Savannah NAACP

Savannah, Speak Your Mind!

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